Ode to Biggie

Blood sweat and tears sums up this year working with the student I support, Biggie. I love him, but. it. was. so. hard.

Two days ago, he ‘graduated’, leaving me (man, we did everything together) to go onto Gr. 9.

On Grad day, Biggie dressed up with a tie. I wore a dress. He wore nice shoes. I put on some makeup. We gave each other a hug. We laughed. He walked across the stage and acted like a goof. And stared at all the girls. As usual. I took pictures. I cried a little.

And this song was playing in the background when he passed by… K’naan – Wavin’ Flag


So many dark moments with him, but both of us came out better because of it. I’m stronger. I’m thicker. I’m more creative. I’m more flexible. I’m more loving. I forgive quicker. I try to laugh at everything now. I lean on God more at work. I ask God for help every day. I’m better because of him. And even though Biggie was a little big devil, working with him made me want to have my own kids bad… being with him day in and day out… seeing his failures, triumphs and his small steps of independence invigorated me. And Biggie also sparked my interest in mental illness.

I’m freer because of him.

Thankyou Biggie. I’m gonna miss you.


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