Blog Addict

Don’t hate.

No judging please.

I have a few blogs I love to follow. 5 mainstream ones to be exact. I have a few others I dabble in but they give little substance or stability for me.

Though the content may be a little fluffy, and downright embarrassing at times, this is what I read.

Again: Don’t hate.

This blog I came across around the height of engagement – and the disgusting business of planning a wedding while trying to keep my sanity. Although Meg is a little feminist, she has core values which I love (hey, don’t get me wrong, glow need love too, regardless of what they believe vs. what I believe… sheesh). And I love her “EFF THE WEDDING INDUSTRY!” mantra. She talks a lot about what wife-dom is like… it rings true to me. I like it.

Now this one, my friend A introduced me to (not the one in Japan). I love her writing style and I always come away with something to think about. I love her honesty. And she’s from Vancouver! *represent*

To be honest, I really like home improvement and home decorating. You can tell if you look at my book shelves in the living room. I hide the ugly books and put pretty pictures in front of them. And I display a lot of pretty things. I just like things pretty, okay. It doesn’t make me superficial or whatever thankyouverymuch. This blog is all about the home. They blog for a living. So I can get my blog fix daily. Ha!

Lastly, sometimes (but not all the time), I’ll wander over to this blog below. It’s silly. Her humour is a lot like mine.

Last but not least, I follow this one. The one with most substance. The one that challenges my faith and makes me question my attitude and motives throughout the day. The one that talks about biblical womanhood. Yes. Please.

There. My virtual blogging world has come out of the closet.

What blogs do you follow? Do tell.


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