This is what happens when I take summer school. Procrastination. At least during this short season of life. It’s still hot… but in a twisted, beautiful way. Like this…

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of stuff done. The house gets cleaned, I reorganize my socks & unmentionables drawer, and I recycle with a vengence.

And a lot of other good things happen too. I pester H with a billion “I love yous” and entice him to go on dates with me when he *lovingly* tells me to “GET BACK TO WORK STUDYING!” I love it that he’s so responsible and I’m sooo not.

But I’m fine. I can’t always get what I want (aka: robotic perfection)… but I get what I need.

Grace. Help. Slack.

Usually, during different seasons of my life, I cling to a verse… or in this case… a song.

For now, I’m meditating on this song. Yes, Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want”.

Listen to it. I think you might like it. It also talks about H in a random way which always makes me smile.

I get what I need.

(Oh ya, I need to study)


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