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So my parents are leaving for Mexico for their honeymoon. (umm, no, they didn’t just get married… but they’re at least 19 years short of splurging for a trip that never happened).(hey, it wasn’t my fault I was born, m’kay?)

So they’re leaving today and I get the privilege to drive them to the airport.

Dad emailed me a contact list of all the people that we might need to get a hold of if anything were to go wrong without them around. Like MMA Rob. G-“sweetie”. 1-eye Rob. The Stooge. Those are actually their real nick-names in real life. That’s just how amazing they are.

We have the privilege of having some really colourful, messy, raw, but hilarious, incredible, and amazing family friends. Pile them all in a room together, and magic happens. I can’t stop laughing when I’m around them.

I’m not sure what I really want to say in this post… but I’m happy my parents get to relax… and I’m happy for my contact list.


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