Bravery looks good on you

Eff the jeans. Eff the sneakers. Eff the shirt.

I’m putting on bravery. And it looks damn good on me. (Thanks M for the inspiration!!!)

About two months ago, H and I realized how unhealthy we are, but how in love we are still in spite of it. Silence is a killer of lambs and of souls. Bad habits are comfortable. And deadly. Things need to be shaken up a little.

Change is a real B.

It’s like wearing clothes. I can choose to wear the usual daily throw-a-thon of jeans. sneakers. and a shirt. Pretty normal. Pretty safe. I wear those all the time. Every day.

So dang, how much harder is it to put on a skirt than jeans? Instead of complaining that I never get a chance to actually look good, why don ’t I dress it up a little? Stop the lazy. But it is hard. It’s exhausting – learning how to change.

I keep on wondering if I am the kind of girl who wears dresses and heels out to dinner. Am I, really? *NO* Have I ever been that hip, ever? *NO*

What would it take to be that kind of girl? I don’t know. A lot of work. It’s scary. I don’t think I’m that girl. Just yet.

Bam. That was it. I signed myself up right away to battle with the scary every Tuesday night. And be brave.

I’m choosing to let nothing bring me down. I’m a fighter, and I want to wear those heels with my head held high thankyouverymuch.

‘Cuz nothing looks quite so good on you as bravery.



p.s. This really has nothing to do with clothes, but everything to do with the heart.


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