Oh, and another reason why I love what I do…

Skills class. Yes, you heard me right. Skills class. Not math class. Not science class. Not english class.

Skills class. You learn skills. Social skills, that is. And I love being part of it, teaching something I have very little skill at.

And I can’t go as often as I want to, which makes me sad.

But today, I wanted to visit Skills class badly. So off I went to find Mr. M (The Skills Teacher). And I see him watching this with all the kids (sorry, I can’t find the exact version I watched with them… but here’s a taste of the awesomeness):


YES PLEASE! And this is what goes on in Skills Class. This is why I love it. I love Mr. M. Teaching social skills to kids who really need them.

And Mr. M still needs to sing me the “Betsy from P***” song… with one of the students – opera style. Yes. I heard them practicing together. Opera style. It’s impressive.

Believe it. True stories.

This is my hot life.


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