Sexy Back

Yep. I’m back. I’m Sexy Back.

H, after he first heard JT’s “sexy back”, questioned why JT was kept singing about his sexy back. Hilarious!

So yeah, I’m back. Do I want to be? Well, we’ll see. I’ve always loved writing, and I wanted to try blogging for the sake of trying something new. Life got busy. It’s amazing, even when we’re trying to cut back and make life as simple as possible, hell breaks loose. It’s called living with a student. And being one as well. You can tell when our most prized possessions are contained in our back packs (at least, for this semester!)

Well, yesterday was an epic day – Valentines Day. Our first one together as a married couple. That’s the day you’re supposed to go ‘all out’ with romance. But I found out that some of the most ordinary moments of that day were the most special and beautiful – and H showed me how much he loves me, regardless of the ‘ambiance’… or the ‘romantic atmosphere’… and all that ‘other stuff’ worth _______.

And now I’m basking. Yep. Sick at home. PJ’s on and its almost lunch. Gotta love that.


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  1. eaglet86

    Glad you’re back! Get better soon!

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