8, like a child

I had one of these!

I had one of these!

Sometimes I panic – but I’m really consciously trying to revert my thinking and act like a child again. Just totally depending on God for absolutely everything, and a big part of that is $. I mean, when I was a kid, I didn’t care about $, all I knew is that Dad & Mom would take care of me. And I was worry free. It was beautiful.

And I don’t have to digress from that mindset – God actually encourages it. And I love seeing what He does and how He blesses us when we depend on him. Like a child.

I wouldn’t say we’re broke, but I’ve only worked 7 days this month. 7. That’s 29 hours. But it has been such an adventure! And yeah, it’s a little embarrassing, but this gives God bragging rights! He really takes care of us.

Two days ago, a client of mine left (yet again) for vacation and they gave me 8 free hours. Just ‘cuz they thought I should have it. 8 hours pay goes a long way in our home, and I walked away knowing that was God’s gift to us.

And when I got home, H told me there was prospects of a 2nd job for him! Woohoo!

I love to brag about what God is doing.

He really is in control.

I love this quote: “Let go. Let God.”


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