A perfect song to wake up to

Original Woodstock Poster

Original Woodstock Poster

I like classic rock. Not only for the sound of it, but because the majority of the songs they wrote spoke about certain events or issues, like their generation, politics, drugs, war, love… or even a little event called Woodstock.

At Woodstock, Melanie Safka played instead of another band (who refused to play because there was a turrential downpour). So she got up there and rocked as it poured rain hard. And the audience all huddled together, brought candles out, lit them, swung them above their heads, and sung along. I’m sure the candles weren’t lit for that long… but… *this was the first time anyone had ever lit candles at a concert before… and this special rock concert tradition keeps going… thanks to Melanie!*

Anyways, after that Woodstock performance, she wrote this song. And it was the perfect song to wake up to. Thank you, radio!



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  1. Jill

    i like your blog. 🙂

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