Turning Japanese

Stereotyped Japan

A (no, not the married one… no, not the old friend one) left for Japan this morning. After giving her one final hug and goodbye, as we were waiting for J to get the car ticket, I was about to cry. It was such a weird experience – I felt like I was mourning the loss of a friend. Grieving, actually. It’s a terrible feeling.

But then, at the Asian Mall, J, Jap J, G and I reminisced of A… now dubbed “Jap A” and I felt a heck load better.

And you know what? Jap A was the first person I told about this blog. She’s also a huge cornerstone of our sg. She kind of reminds me of Sarah from the Bible. She wasn’t perfect… she was messy… but she obeyed God.

I love Jap A to pieces… I’m gonna miss her sooo much!

Here’s to you, Jap A…. sure… it might be Chinese related… but it’s ASIAN BABY!:


And of course, the classic:


So Jap A… Marriage IS the great equalizer… and Konnichiwa to you! (whatever the heck that means… is that even Japanese?)



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2 responses to “Turning Japanese

  1. eaglet86

    Haha… Konnichiwa means ‘Good afternoon’ I’ve heard it alot so far.
    I’m glad to hear you guys missed me. and that you reminisced about me too. I miss you lots, and I have indeed been crying… with laughter though.

  2. jacquimarie

    Yes to 80s music! And we will totally miss Jap A.

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