P.S. I Love You

Kelowna was exactly what H and I needed. It was such a treat just relaxing. But not on the beach, mind you.

H’s Uncle’s wedding ceremony was at an enormous elephant of a church (the platform was like a broadway musical).

Here’s a pic of it:

Cool Stage for a wedding!

After the ceremony I couldn’t resist getting on stage and dance a little… *jazz hands* and E, my sis-in-law, decided it would be a wonderful plan for H to pick me up on stage (you know… like this…)

What it's supposed to look like

Bad idea. Short dress. Embarrassing… right in front of the pastor. Luckly we’re good family friends so *hwewph*… just a bunch of laughs (especially from pastor’s wife)

Reception was held here on a house boat… GORGEOUS… very beautiful… great food… great view… hot tub included! VERY romantic : http://okanaganprincess.com/index.html

A pic of the newlyweds!

The Couple

The next day H and I were ready to spend the whole hot sunny day at the beach. Until the thunder, lightning, wind and rain came. But we said heck to it all and explored downtown and the waterfront… and we had the best day ever!!! H even took me shopping after and treated me to Milestones. Had the Thai Salad. Sooo romantic… H and I really needed that day to just relax and love each other. It was the perfect day!

Went ‘home’, and watched an incredible movie “P.S. I Love You”. I’ve never cried so much during a movie in my life… at least 7x. It reminded me how useless it is to get in petty arguments with your spouse… just focus on the positives… ‘cuz who knows? It also reminded me to always be thankful that H is my husband and to show my love for him more often.

View it here: http://psiloveyoumovie.warnerbros.com/

Maybe you’ll only cry if you’re married… maybe it’s just a married thing… ‘cuz I don’t think this movie would have moved me that much if I weren’t. Watch this movie. It’s amazing!

I love H. And I love vacations.


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  1. eaglet86

    I love that movie! It’s got Gerard Butler in it! Sexy Scottish man, here I come!

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