Old Friends are the Best Friends


So A emailed me (not the married one) and apologized for something. But she said it in a cool way. “Will you forgive me?” And the issue was so freakin’ small… I hadn’t really even thought about it after the thing happened a week ago… but…

Wow! That really hit home as to how important it is to just ask for fortiveness and make sure that nothing is inbetween our relationships. H and I were talking about that a few days ago and that really, when something gets inbetween us, no matter if its a marriage, friendship, or whatever… that you can’t think of that obstacle as being inbetween you two separating you. That’s what Satan wants.


Me <– Issue –> You = no good… something has come inbetween us and is sepearating us.


Instead, as H was telling me… no matter what… you have to be beside that person, as a team, and try to figure out how to solve the issue.


Me + You –> Issue = good… we’re together as a team… looking at the issue… trying to preserve and protect our relationship.

Seriously… Satan wants to destroy relationships. And it’s incredible how ‘little foxes’ can get into our minds, our hearts, our words, our actions, without even knowing it and it hurts the other person. Man, H is so wise! He really has a gift of speaking truth into my life. I’m so glad he’s my Husband!

And I’m happy for my old friend. She is a best friend. Thankyou A for valuing us and our friendship. May it last us another 15 years and beyond!


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