A Wedding Elf

Yesterday, I had the privilege and pleasure of attending me and my husband’s good friends wedding…  (C & A). What a fun wedding!!!!!!! A looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Loved her dress! I think it had something to do with the ivory lace vintage feel of it (very similar to mine). Good choice A!
And the best part of it? Helping out beside H (husband). I love helping… and he does too… I was basking in the fact that for the day, we were designated Wedding Elves (although H would probably refuse to consider himself that).
My first task: USHERING –  H and I took turns walking guests to their seats and would give each other looks if we passed each other in the aisle. Who knew it could be sooo much fun greeting & welcoming?!
Second task: VIDEOGRAPHER – I was solo with the videocamera plus tripod as H had to help with the bridal party entrance. Kind of sad about that, but I got to muster up all my techie skills (which are seriously lacking) and by the end of it, I think I did a great job!
*best part* – renewing my wedding vows with H (even though C & A were saying them and H wasn’t even there beside me. It was a good reminder of what I had promised H 2 months ago at our wedding!)
Third task: INTERVIEWER – I went around after the ceremony with the videocamera (my new best friend by that point) and interviewed the guests, asking them their fav. parts and if they had anything to say to C&A – even got the flower girls waving to the camera – sooo cute!
Fourth task: BUBBLE GIVER – Who knew giving out bubble containers could be so daunting? Major rejection ensued. I mean, who could say no to bubbles?
Fifth task: GUEST BOOK GUARDER – Met the cutest girl (M) and helped her pick the best Winnie the Pooh sticker to put in the guestbook.
Sixth task: FLOWER HOLDER – H & I drove G to the reception to help decorate (I had the flowers in the back… like a garden)
Seventh task: FAVOUR DISTRIBUTOR – placing the favours on tables… so tedious!
Eighth task: WATERING THE CENTERPIECES – the flower part of them… btw… coolest centerpieces I’ve ever seen!
Seriously, I wouldn’t have had as much fun if I wasn’t doing those things beside H. We make such a good team!
At the reception H & I just relaxed and feasted on the great food. Then I danced hard. Maybe a little too hard. My sides hurt after that. Impressed that H danced too! Had SOOOO much fun!!!
Yes, I do have a hot life.

I wore them to my own wedding and to A & C's I wore them to my own wedding and to A & C’s
We helped make these

We helped make these


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  1. eaglet86

    I love being a wedding elf too! Except that I didn’t exchange looks with anyone and renew my vows…

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